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Feb 22

所有有關創業的書本,專題文章,不論是行內或行外人,寫的基本上都突顯出創業死亡率之高和觸電死亡率沒有兩樣。一般民眾創業,一年內就倒閉的機率高達90%,而存活下來的10%中,又有90%會在五年內倒閉。也就是說,能撐過前五年的創業家,只有1%,前五年陣亡率高達 99%。這是鐵一般的數字,在我們這個大數據橫行的社會得出這樣的數據其可信性不容存疑。的而且確創業是九死未必有一生的一種獨特生態,正正是高死亡率的
Nov 20, 2018

比特幣(bitcoin)大崩盤,昨日跌穿5,200美元,創下13個月新低,Bloomberg Intelligence認為加密電子貨幣(虛擬貨幣)正步入寒冬,比特幣有可能進一步下跌至1,500美元,較現價再跌7成。 比特幣上星期已大插水,單日大跌12%,而今年更由歷史高位17,000美元以上,大跌近7成至近日5,200美元水平;而以太幣﹙ETH﹚上周又大跌逾1成,今年已累跌近9成,現價約155美元
Nov 12, 2018

A wedding website function just like Openrice which I can search and sort wedding company by categories, I can also find user comments there for individual company.
Dec 4, 2018

I am a physical trainer who want to create a channel for ONLINE fitness training course which is totally free. You can see different trainer from all over the world providing online sessions 24 hours
Nov 14, 2018

I am planning to create a video website just for travel relating contents. Everyone can take videos and share them there. No matter it is tourist attraction, famous restaurant, great hotels or excitin
Oct 14, 2018

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